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Top of all the medical conditions people consult me for is anxiety. Surprisingly it is not difficult to deal with if the individual is prepared to make some changes to their diet and lifestyle and take appropriate herbs to relax and strengthen their nervous system.

There are also several orthodox medications which are known to cause anxiety. These include Benzodiazepine drugs, Statins, non-opioid analgesics, Clonazepam, Atovastatin, Prozac, Methylphenidate and Simvastin.

Avoid foods containing monosodium glutamate since this is also an anxiety trigger. Chinese meals have often had this added as a meat tenderiser.

Magnesium deficiency may also lead to anxiety

It has been estimated that 78% of women in the U.K. suffer from magnesium deficiency. Other symptoms to look out for are leg cramps, over-excitability, irritability, tremors (uncontrollable shakes or trembling), muscular spasms, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, apathy, confusion, insomnia, poor memory, and reduced ability to learn.

If you are unsure whether you are magnesium deficient has an excellent questionnaire to determine if you are. To see their  below

Magnesium Questionnaire PDF

Should you need to take extra magnesium rather than take a supplement the best and cheapest way to get it into your system is to spray onto the skin a liquid solution of magnesium chloride flakes. This liquid is sometimes referred to as Magnesium oil simply because it is somewhat oily to the touch. However, it is not an oil. The flakes can be purchased on the internet for about £5 a kilo. Use half a cup of boiled filtered water to half a cup of Magnesium chloride flakes. Stir till dissolved.