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Balancing Hormones Naturally Versus Hormone Replacement Therapy

New research suggests women on hormone replacement therapy are almost three times as likely to develop breast cancer

This is the latest and largest scientific study ever undertaken. It will be very alarming for many women since the symptoms which drove them to take HRT in the first place were extremely debilitating to everyday living. However there is an alternative……

Symptoms of menopause

When I did my clinical training over thirty years ago, my mentor specialised in treating gynaecological conditions. She was in great demand to treat ‘menopausal neurosis’, as it was then called. I would overhear her talking to prospective patients on the phone. To one she would say, “You are not going mad”, and to another, “I totally understand what you are going through”. She had people coming to her for gynaecological conditions from all over the country. Every week she prescribed litres of herbal medicine to scores of patients to balance their pituitary gland. The pituitary is the gland in the brain which controls the progesterone / oestrogen hormone balance in the body. She used to tell me it generally takes about two months to kick in and has to be taken for six months to do its job. Once balanced the patient usually has no more problems.