Why consult a medical herbalist

Medical herbalists take advantage of nature’s gift by using plants and herbs whose traditional uses are supported by modern scientific research and clinical trials. The letters NIMH after the herbalist’s…
Female wearing face mask

COVID-19 – The Real Story

We thought it was just a respiratory virus, but we were wrong! In late January, when hospitals in the United States confirmed the presence of the novel coronavirus, health workers…
Close up of human eye, blue colour

Your Eyes & Your Health

Window To Your Health The eye reflects one’s health and many common conditions are first seen in the eyes. Similarly many eye troubles are actually a reflection of problems in…
Rubbing hand cream into skin

Psoriasis Treatment: Drug Free

Herbal medicine has much to offer this condition. Psoriasis, like many skin conditions, is an internal condition attempting elimination through the skin. It is the body attempting to rebalance itself…
Avocado half with nuts on a plate

Good Fats, Bad Fats

In the West over 40% of our calories come from processed and hard fats. This high intake of potentially harmful fats leads to cardiovascular disease, elevated cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, multiple…
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