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Good reasons not to have flu jabs

How effective is the flu jab?

Every year we are told by health authorities it is beneficial to protect ourselves from flu by having flu jabs. Those most at risk, we are told, are the young and the elderly whose immunity is weakest. It is also advised that pregnant women have the jab despite the effects not being known. In the UK, during the 2014-15 flu season the flu vaccine was only 3 percent effective. The reason the flu vaccine has such a low success rate is because there is no way to know which strain of influenza will hit in the upcoming year. This means that choosing the composition of the flu vaccine is nothing more than an educated guess made by public health experts.

What really is in the flu jab vaccine?

We are told that the flu jab contains weak strains of the virus which will prime our immune system against stronger strains. What we are not told is that it also contains many other ingredients including mercury. Mercury is highly toxic and can cause depression, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, memory loss and digestive imbalances. Also included is formaldehyde, a chemical used by embalmers which is linked to leukaemia and brain cancer; detergents which can have an adverse affect on DNA of skin, bones and connective tissue. Other possible additives are chemicals linked to kidney disease, seizures and heart problems.