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ICF- 2

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Intestinal Cleansing Formula 2. £16 for 100 x capsules supplied in snap lock bag. These capsules provide a deep cleansing formula which increases bowel movements, helping to draw out toxins from and cleansing the intestinal walls. ICF 2 should be taken once normal bowel movements are achieved –at least three bowel movements a day.

ICF 2 is recommended for fit and healthy individuals with normal intestinal function, as some of the herbs have strong laxative effects. Refrain from taking ICF 2 capsules if you are unwell. ICF 2 should be taken for no longer than a couple of weeks at a time.

How to use

This is more powerful than ICF 1 capsules. Try ICF 1 before using ICF 2, the former is milder, so see how you get on. Basically you want it to create two or three bowel movements in a day. If 3 or 4 of the ICF1 capsules are having no effect try a ICF2 capsule.

Start with one only, it’s guaranteed to work. Sometimes though, you may need 2 or 3 capsules to create more than one movement a day.


  • Do not take these formulas if you are, or trying to become pregnant.


Cape Aloes, Cayenne Fruits, Senna Leaf, Senna Pods, Cascara Bark, Ginger Root and Garlic.

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