Your medication and diet sheet work amazingly well. My breathing is so much improved, I did not think it would ever be possible again. I have not taken any HRT tablets since you gave me your medication. Apart from a few hot flushes do I not feel any ill effects. Therefore I am delighted with my decision to seek out the help of a herbalist. I see a profound improvement and am very grateful to you

…by the way, I have not felt so good in ages, than since taking your medication, which will be also due to changes in lifestyle. Trust me, you know what you are talking about

…my bronchitis is completely under control, acid reflux is much better, not perfect but very much improved. You certainly are on the right track. I have not felt so well as I do at the moment in a long time

Mrs V.B. – Brownhills

I am really glad I chose you when I looked on the internet you are a kind and caring person, I can tell by the way you are concerned. I have been wonderful today so I thank God each day for my wellness

Mrs. S.M. – Walsall

Diagnosed with ‘Rheumatoid arthritis’, I was put on loads of drugs and told that my condition would gradually deteriorate. I began to look for other options, talking to people, reading, and the Internet. I then consulted Anne who had the knowledge to help combine what I had learnt and guide me through. We made alterations to my diet and she prescribed a tincture of herbs
With time, I feel that I am getting better from the inside out. My digestive system feels stronger and, the swelling in my joints has gone down

Now, if I eat an ‘offending’ food my joints swell, but I am slowly learning which external and internal factors affect me

I feel stronger, healthier and more like I have a future ahead, which at 28 is quite nice

Ms A.C. – Wolverhampton

Anne Chiotis Consultant Medical Herbalist