Useful Herbal Links

National Institute of Medical Herbalists NIMH

My professional organisation. It provides information about NIMH and a list of members.

The Herb Society

An organisation dedicated to the use and enjoyment of herbs. You can become a member, attend events and find a local group on this website.


The Heartwood Foundation Course is made up of 12 online Units offering a broad introduction to the field of Herbal Medicine, with emphasis on the practical use of herbs to deal with common ailments.

The Heartwood Professional Course is a 3-year, in-depth, online education in Herbal Medicine accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. It involves 3,600 study hours and uses a contemporary, clinically oriented, inquiry-based approach to learning.

British Herbal Medicine Association

This association is an alliance of anyone with herbal interests, and speaks for all concerned with herbal medicine.

    Its objectives are:

  • Defend the right of the public to choose herbal remedies and to be able to obtain them freely
  • Encourage wider knowledge and recognition of the value of herbal medicine
  • Advance the science and practice of herbal medicine by modern techniques
  • Promote high standards of quality and safety in herbal remedies and to foster research into phytotherapy (plant therapy)

Herb Cultivation: Uses, Advice and Resources

Advice on herb gardening, tips for growing herbs, gardening, tips for growing herbs, suppliers and organisations associated with herbs.


Offers a four year diploma in herbal medicine training course which combines traditional knowledge with modern science. It’s based in Devon.